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Apple fires employee who started ‘AppleToo’ movement…

Apple has been having issues with stories shared under the AppleToo tag for a while . A website was set up on the subject and the first complaints were shared. There has been a move from Apple for this problem .

applewith solidarity between both employees and former employees starting within the AppleToomovement had begun. These people, who opened a website for this purpose, expressed their problems in an organized manner under the same title. 

The tech giant fired Janneke Parrish, the leader of the AppleToo movement, as the leaks continued and a large-scale crackdown on worker organizing was carried out. Robinhood, Pokemon GO and Google Drive are among the application files deleted by Parrish, who was fired and investigated because he deleted the files from his work phone. 

Apple fires employee who started AppleToo movement

parrish, apple He led the movement during his term at Maps. 

Apple fired an employee for the second time after talking about company culture. The main goal of the employees in starting this movement is to initiate ‘change’ as the internal ways to show and solve the problems experienced are exhausted. 

Apple fires employee who started AppleToo movement

The people who started this movement were asked to share their stories to see the change in Apple. In the stories section on the movement’s website, it says, “When our stories come together, they will help uncover racism, sexism, inequality, discrimination, intimidation, suppression, coercion, abuse and unfair punishment.” 

AppleToo gesture The majority of the complaints filed with the company consist of discrimination, sexism, retaliation and rejected human resources reports. 

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