Another scandal in the British government! Boris Johnson turns out to be having a ‘pizza party’

During last year’s coronavirus quarantines in the UK, entertainment and meetings attended by members of the government and Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself caused a major scandal. There’s a ‘pizza party’ starring in the event where new details emerge every day!

British Prime Minister Boris Johnsonattended a pizza party at the prime minister’s residence in May 2020, according to leaked sources

Boris Johnson joined staff at a party at the prime minister’s residence in Downing Street during the first curfew in May last year, sources claim. This has inflamed the debate that the rules, which have been in place for months, have been broken by the rule-breakers themselves.

A joint investigation by the UK-based Guardian and Independent newspapers said the prime minister spent about 15 minutes with staff at the so-called ‘social meeting’ on May 15, 2020, telling an aide at the residence that they deserved a drink ‘to beat the coronavirus’.

Sources claimed that following a press conference that day, about 20 staff members drank wine and ate pizza, some were in offices and about 10 staff were in the garden. Some staff members allegedly drank until the evening.

However, the rules at the time allowed only two people from different households to meet at a distance of 2 meters and only outside. Earlier that evening, then-Health Minister Matt Hancock urged people to stay at home as long as possible and urged them to follow the rules, take care of their families and not take risks in good weather.

Another scandal in the British government turns out to be Boris Johnson having a pizza party

Meanwhile, a group of people, including London Mayoral Candidate Shaun Bailey of the ruling Conservative Party and campaign manager Ben Mallet, will again be questioned for attending unauthorized meetings and defying Coronavirus restrictions, police said.

It is alleged that then-Health Secretary Hancock was also seen at the meeting on the day when some restrictions were first relaxed in London and a “celebratory” mood was outweighed by the good weather.

Both Johnson and Hancock were allegedly there briefly while staff and deputies were drinking, but there is no indication they were drinking themselves or were there until late.

A spokesman for Hancock said the sources’ claims were untrue. “After the press conference, which ended at approximately 5.53pm, Matt Hancock informed his team, then went to the garden of the prime minister’s residence to get information from the prime minister. He left at 6:32 p.m. and returned to the Department of Health and Social Care.”

The allegations dealt another blow to Johnson, who was stunned by reports last winter detailing parties that had been isolated and ridiculed for insisting that no rules had been broken.

They included a Christmas party organised by housing staff on December 18, 2020, when socialisation was prohibited in all london indoor venues.

The prime minister’s office denied the incident, but that changed four days later when video footage emerged of housing officials joking about the incident. Allegra Stratton, Johnson’s former press secretary, resigned following the backlash.

İngiliz hükümetinde bir skandal daha Boris Johnsonın pizza partisi yaptığı ortaya çıktı


The Conservative Party, the party of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, lost its 200-year-old electoral stronghold in a midterm election in North Shropshire, England, on Thursday.

Helen Morgan of the Liberal Democratic Party won the election for deputy post after Conservative MP Owen Paterson, who was forced to resign for breaching lobbying rules in north Shropshire, England, stepped down. In North Shropshire, led by the Conservative Party, the party of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson since the 1830s, the Conservative Party lost the election after nearly 200 years in power.

Boris Johnson, who was the target of criticism at the Prime Minister’s Office at Christmas time last year that the government was violating its own Covid measures, was also heer last week when about 100 MPs from his party voted against the new measures in the House of Commons.

Roger Gale, a Conservative Party MPs, said it was “time for Johnson to say the last drinks (ordered before the pub closed).’

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