Anonymous won’t stop: It’s taken over the Russian intelligence service!

Anonymous continues its attacks on Russia. The hacker group Anonymous has now hacked the Russian Federal Security Service.

Hacker group Anonymous has once again intervened in the war between Ukraine and RussiaAnonymous, which previously hacked Russian state television and shared footage of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, has now claimed to have taken over Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) services.

Hacker community Anonymous has announced that it has hacked and made the Russian FSB website inaccessible. “Bye fsb.ru,” the group said on Twitter. However, the website is not currently accessible and Putin has taken action and decommissioned the FSB website.

Anonymous’s Russia attacks: Hacked FSB

The war between Ukraine and Russia involved the hacker group Anonymous. The group, which made statements against Putin in the days beginnings of the war and hacked Russian state television, recently posted posts claiming to have infiltrated Russia’s intelligence agency.

It remains unclear how Anonymous, which controls Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) services, carried out the attack. However, cybersecurity experts note that the Russian Federal Security Service attack could be carried out with distributed network attack (DDOS).

It is worth noting that access to the site was closed after Anonymous took over the FSB’s “fsb.ru” website. Currently, when we try to access the site, we see the message ‘no link’. Although reports from Ukraine claim that Putin acted to disable the FSB website, there was no official statement from Russia.

Anonymous also said last week it had launched attacks against the government of the Russian Federation and hacked the Kremlin’s corporate website. This occurred after a video message was posted announcing Putin’s military decision.

The group pointed out that the attacks could also affect the Russian private sector. Following last week’s announcement, Anonymous disabled 2,500 websites in different categories in Russia and Belarus to support Ukraine.

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