An important feature has arrived in Google Meet!

Google Meet has introduced Window in Window (PiP) support for iPhone users. Here are the details!

The update to the iPhone app of zoom rival Google Meet brought with it the Window-in-Window (PiP) feature. Apple introduced PiP support with its iOS 14 operating system. With this feature, if you return to the home screen while watching a video, the corresponding video opens in a small window and you can pick up where you left off.

The purpose of Window within a window is to ensure that more than one job is done at the same time. For example, suppose you watch a course on YouTube and want to write some sections to the Notes app. Thanks to pip feature, the video stays open in one corner of the screen, while you can take any action you want.

Google Meet allows to reduce the size of the PiP window

To use window-in-window in the Google Meet app, simply return to the home screen during the conversation, the company said. As soon as you press the home button of your smartphone, Meet puts the active conversation in the background and activates PiP mode.

google meet iphone

Google Meet also allows you to resize the PiP window size. This way, when you need more screen space in other apps you’re running, you can put Meet behind you. In addition, the company allows users to deactivate by swiping the Window in the Window sideways. In this way, you can only participate in meetings by voice.

In a blog post, Google explainedits goal of improving PiP mode for Meet:

With Window-in-window support, you can switch between apps on your iOS device as you continue to join your meeting.

For example, you might want to forward an email, share a document, or just look for something while chatting. Just exit the Google Meet app; your meeting will be minimized in a window where you can navigate your home screen. You can also resize the meeting window or swipe sideways if you need more space to do something else.

Window within windows can also be used in YouTube and Netflix apps. And do you find this feature useful? Don’t forget to state your ideas in the comments.

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