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A visually impaired woman started seeing thanks to an implant placed in her brain…

Scientists from three countries collaborated to enable a 58-year-old visually impaired woman to see simple shapes. 3 scientists from 3 countries worked on overcoming the visual impairment with a brain implant .

Scientists have achieved great success in the treatment of visual impairment. Blind A woman began to see simple shapes.

This study, which was met with interest in the scientific world, Miguel Hernández University of Spain, Dutch Neuroscience Institute and University of Utah Eye CenterIt was conducted by scientists from

The results of the study were published in the monthly peer-reviewed medical research journal The Journal of Clinical Investigation.


According to the article, electrodes in the implant placed in the brain of a visually impaired woman stimulated the brain. Thus, the woman experienced machine vision in the form of white dots of light called “phosphene”, she could see simple shapes.

According to experts, this result is a big step in overcoming the visual barrier.

Scientists announced that the volunteer woman did not experience any negativity in her brain. However, it is pointed out that there are many unanswered questions and the study needs to be expanded.

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